Weber 38 dges

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Weber 38 dges

The 38mm DGAS synchronous carb should be the only consideration if the engine is in the future, or currently, going to have any level of additional engine modification. Such as headers, free flowing exhaust, a cam, or rebuilt engine. Usually these motors will be improved over stock with oversize pistons and towing cam. The 38 will enhance the improvements of any of these items. It also provides the best starting point for engines that are ultimately going to be upgraded with additional performance Items with performance over fuel economy being the ultimate goal.

Additional products. Clips for Air Cleaners. Gasket kits for adapters. Gaskets for all Weber Carbs.

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Jets for all Weber Carbs. Linkage kits for installing Weber's. Adapter Plates for installing Weber's. Service and Tuning Manuals. Why buy from us? The best price is not always the best buy. Here is a link that really explains it well:. Genuine European Weber vs. Like they say "Caveat Emptor" Buyer Beware. If you need other parts please inquiry - we offer replacement parts, adaptor plates, air filters, linkage kits, etc. This listing is just for a basic repair kit - does not include a float.

Weber has long been acknowledged as the manufacturer of the best carburetors available While various producers of racing and high performance induction systems have moved in and out of the limelight over many decades, Weber alone maintains its worldwide superiority. The foundation of Weber's supremacy is no mystery. It's nothing more than the traditional virtues of careful design, meticulous manufacturing standards and uncompromising quality control, coupled with that unique Italian attribute of elegance in design.

Do not confuse this with WeberNorthAmerica - not the same company. The price of perfection is being admired to the point of being copied EMPI branded carbs or creating the illusion of being a DGS when you are not. This listing is for a repair kit only.

weber 38 dges

We gladly accept PayPal.A Maryland State Emissions check indicated that the fuel mixture was set somewhere around 1. A re-adjustment of the mixture went as follows:.

Back the idle-speed screw out from the throttle plate cams. Turn the two idle-mixture screws in until lightly seated.

weber 38 dges

Turn out one turn exactly. Turn inwards until the engine roughness starts to increase significantly, and then back out again until the roughness disappears.

For example, if you want the distributor vacuum advance to work, you need to give it a source of vacuum.

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This turned out to not be the extant situation. Fortunately for me, I had time, a flashlight, tools, and the original factory hose diagram. The original VaraJet has many vacuum ports of various sizes. To be extremely simplistic about it, the Weber 38 DGES has a front port for vacuum which is suitable for attachment to the distributor vacuum advance. It also has a carburetor fuel bowl vent fitting, but that is not a source of vacuum, it needs to be hooked to a source of vacuum. The main source of vacuum has to be the main manifold vacuum port, in this case located just to the rear of the carburetor on the passenger side.

The idiots who originally installed the 3. With enough spare vacuum hose, and a lot of "tee" fittings, it was possible to seal all vacuum leaks. A nice long drive showed much improvement in drivability, especially in terms of acceleration with wide open throttle. However, it seems that sealing the vacuum leaks has resulted in the mixture being too rich. I will have to tune that tomorrow. After considerable research on the InterNet, I found a most excellent page dealing with Weber Carburetor jets.

I decided to place an order for replacement jets. These were ordered from europarts. Removing the idle mixture jets isn't hard; they're located about halfway up the main body, more or less above the idle mixture adjusting screws. The one on the "front" was a large brass cover screw, which unscrews and is pulled out with a smallish brass or bronze fitting coming along with it.

Getting to the "rear" one was a bit more difficult, as it was both in a hard-to-reach place as well as being set into a recess. Unscrewing it loosened it, but there was no easy way to get a grip on it without removing the carburetor to shake it loose.

It turns out that if you use a rather small screwdriver with a short shaft but a wide standard blade, you can sort of wedge the tip of the screwdriver into the screw slot, pull the head of the screwdriver to the side a fair amount perpendicular to the width of the blade tip, and that will wedge the screwdriver blade into the slot and you can slide out the idle jet.

Just be really careful and don't drop it or you may have to remove the carb and maybe other things as well anyway. For some reason, the "front" idle jet turned out to be a lot larger than the "rear" idle jet.This is an authentic made in Spain Weber carb.

This sale is complete new carburator only. Part Write review. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. This product hasn't received any reviews yet. Be the first to review this product!

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Add to Compare. Add to Wishlist. Weber Carburetor - Toyota 4Runner, Pickup 2. Click to enlarge. Minimum Purchase:. Maximum Purchase:. Buy in bulk and save. Product Reviews Write review. How do you rate this product? Enter your name: optional Enter the code below:.A properly jetted carburetor, that worked well a couple of years ago, may have lost some of its performance due to today's leaner fuels. Along with leaner fuels, any modifications to an engine to improve performance can compound the lean effect and require more mixed fuel volume.

Modifications could be as simple as an opened or larger air filter, an open exhaust system, or ignition modifications.

Some modifications could be as extensive as a larger camshaft, head modifications, headers, or increased engine displacement. Any and all of these modifications are exaggerated when combined with the lean fuel. Weber recognizes your need to have a variety of jets for all circuits available when tuning your engine.

These jet kits come with simple tuning instructions and a variety of jets to cover the stock and modified engine and are designed using years of experience jetting carburetors on engines all over the country with all types of modifications.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms from your Weber carburetor or simply want to improve the quality and performance from your engine, these kits are for you.

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These jet kits contain mains and air jet ranges developed around traditional calibrations, based on Venturi and engine displacements. Kits should provide a range of calibration flexibility to help tune most applications. NOTE: Jets and kits are non-returnable items! Check out LCEngineering. Close Menu. Contact our Tech Support Line for further information at Note: Images are for illustration purposes only. Images may not represent the product listed.

Please contact customer service with any questions or concerns: Jet kit.

weber 38 dges

Reviewer: patrick quichocho from hagatna, Guam. Excellent Service! Complete Kit. View All Customer Reviews.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Russia- Land-Cruiser. Calendar New events. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in Register.

Performance Jet Kit

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Watch this'. So, this is not a which carb is better thread. Several other threads have documented some setup information, including Lean Best Idle Tuning, Jet recommendations based on elevation, and other info.

I'm totally committed to fine tuning the Weber 38 that I have - and if you're interested in sharing your constructive thoughts - trials and failures - please join in.

As a matter of fact - several of them are in the FAQs also. Last edited: May 31, My set up : '74 FJ40 with a replacement 2F sn and what I was told is the F head steel valve cover. I have a stock exhaust header and intake, but the truck has been de-smogged.

Weber Sarge. Good startgiving all the baseline info stops confusion later when figuring out tuning. One of the main issues with Weber installs is that they do require a level of "tuning in" to make the carb work with the engine - no two are alike and the carb is sensitive enough to show it.

I wish Redline and WorldPac would have researched more on cfm requirements for these engines as the 38mm carb is not enough - it should have been a mm running mm venturis and not the 27mm throats of the 38DGAS. The 38 works great on engines up to about 3. I've modified a few for Cruisers in the past and opened the venturi's a lot not recommended and it does make a huge difference. Not to mention they are a much higher quality carb using ball bearings on their throttle shaft.

That model carb can be tuned to anythingmy old Sami was running a 40DCNF with 28mm venturi throats on the 1.

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The DCNF would also solve most of the install issues on F series engines using a much simpler cable drive pedal or a bellcrank could be used to work with the stock solid linkage setups. For this reasondespite my business in the past I do not recommend using a Weber on an F series engine - just too many shortcomings.Before using this site please read the site disclaimer.

Also please note that any links provided may be part of an affiliate programme viz. Look on your carb here, outlined in red. This is the opposite side to the choke:.

How to change Idle jets in a Weber DGV

It's probably pretty dirty there if your engine is anything like ours but underneath the grime you should find some stamped letters to indicate which variant it is:. So what does that mean? Let's break it down.

weber 38 dges

The second letter refers to whether it is a right-handed or left-handed carb - they're mirror images of each other. G is the right handed variant, F is for left. The third letter refers to the choke type - A for aqua aka water choke, E for electrical choke and no letter at all for manual choke. V here stands for either V ertical or power V alve equipped, depending on who you ask.

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