Simple rangoli designs without dots for beginners

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Simple rangoli designs without dots for beginners

Good Job Like any art, rangoli comes with practice. Rangoli designs are drawn by hundreds of women in India, daily, I am one of them. Thanks again. I am sorry for the delay in giving a reply. Thanks for the comment on these rangoli designs.

Hi Shanthi. You can expect some more easy kolam designs in Rangoli-sans-dots. Best wishes. Thanks Shanthi. Nice to know that Rangoli-sans-dots is very useful. I will try to post more rangoli designs and craft ideas also.

Great Job Sudha It is very helpful for beginners like me. Sudhaji your designs are simple n beautiful. Plz keep on posting more. Thanks Swathi. You can expect more rangoli. Also you can visit my YouTube Channel Rangolisansdots. Youtube channel!!!!!!! Excellent to know this! I'm going to go and follow you right now!

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How to draw parallel lines and some rangoli of this type are there in some of the videos on my YouTube Channel Rangolisansdots. Thank you. Also visit my YouTube channel Rangolisansdots for rangoli designs. Hi Mam, U r really vry creative n i love ur Rangoli.

Hi, Could you please teach me how to put rice flour kolam on floor? Thank you sooo much mam Welcome and thank you too. Hope you have watched my YouTube channel on rangoli too.

Hello mam. You have done a great job!! Indeed a Legend :. You are truly an inspiration for me. Accidentally I landed on this blog. Now I am feeling fortunate to find your blog.

Easy rangoli designs - beginners

Hats off to you.!!! Thank you Nandini. Hundreds of women draw kolam, I am one of them.White rangoli - double line kolam Rangolis adorn our home. Thousands of designs are possible. Rangolis without dots is my style. Rangoli-sans-dots will focus primarily on free hand rangolis without dots for all auspicious occasions, pooja rooms, mantaps and festivals like Navrathri, Dussehra, Diwali, Sankranti Pongal. Most Indians believe drawing of rangolis in homes is auspicious. It comes with practice.

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Rangoli no. The first rangoli in this post is a swastik design I have started with it because this symbol is invariably used in rangoli designs. Both the first and second designs have some simple borders to get simple free hand rangolis. The finished design will be very attractive. If required few colours can be added between the parallel lines. But that will be some other day some other time. The central floral design is drawn with parallel lines and the design is expanded with just parallel lines to form floral or creeper like designs.

However, these two above are among my most favourite designs that I draw with various permutations and combinations possible with the patterns I have in my mind.

This is the first post in Rangoli-sans-dots.

simple rangoli designs without dots for beginners

However we cannot totally avoid plain designs without colour and hence I will post only a few. Rang in rangoli means colours.

However kolam in Tamil Nadu that is drawn daily is usually plain with white lines. So it will be rangoli without dots and without colours for some time.

Rangoli filled with colours are sought after for festivals like Diwali, Navratri and Margazhi a Tamil month between December 15 and January During Margazhi we have hundreds of kolam drawn early in the morning at the doorways and it is a festive atmosphere. So I cannot afford to avoid rangoli or kolam with colours filled in them.

I will venture into more colourful designs. I am also comfortable with rangoli with dots. So designs with dot grids of various sizes from simple to medium and a few big ones can be expected. Giving me some allowance for the time constraints I have I would like to go for more small and medium versions less than 15 dots. Drawing a big rangoli with dots or free hand and filling the gaps or patterns will take quite some time - between 1 and 2 hours.

After completing a rangoli design giving the final and finishing touches also takes up some time. Small rangoli, rangoli for beginners, for children, for festivals will be covered. Parallel line or double line rangoli is also among the methods of drawing these designs I am familiar with.Simple rangoli designs 5 dots. How to make a simple dot rangoli design with dots step by step at home 3.

Let us start with the simplest of dot patterns 5 by 5 4 by 4 designs are in a subsequent post. However if time permits I can post a few of this type also. I would like to upload the video or steps for each rangoli instead of the dot pattern or template because it would be of use for beginners.

9 Best Rangoli Designs With 5 Dots Trending in 2020

Again there may be some influence of some free hand designs even in these rangoli with dots because as I wrote earlier my blog is rangoli-sans-dots! Hope you enjoy these designs.

If one finds it difficult to learn with rangoli powder a note book can be used for learning and practicing. Though Pongal or Sankranthi through Margazhi or Margali is a season for big rangoli or kolam, these rangoli designs will be useful for those who want learn kolam and draw it at the entrance during this rangoli season.

How does one draw a rangoli? The traditional method of drawing it is using rangoli powder. Even few decades back and definitely centuries back I got this information from my elders. Any authentic information on this subject? Now it is customary to use commercial powder only or a mixture of commercial powder and rice flour.

So using this powder is the best and traditional method to draw these designs on the floor. Practice makes a person come closer to perfection. Observing the two pictures closely will show how the rangoli powder is pushed with the thumb this is evident from the position of the thumb at the beginning and when the line is completed. The lines in the images are relatively thick when compared to the usual lines I draw for rangoli designs. This is because it is a demonstration. My mother used to tell us that rangoli should be drawn with thin lines because in her opinion too much of anything is not good.

Our family tradition is that everything should be within limits. Drawing kolam or rangoli, I also learnt from my elder sister mother is our first teacher who drew beautiful kolam or tipke rangoli or tipkyanchi rangoli designs as she calls them - she moved from Salem to Nagpur! Thhe dot pattern used is 5 by 5 and then 2 and 1 dots on all four sides.

Draw the central design and surround with three petaled floral designs.

simple rangoli designs without dots for beginners

The remaining dots are used up with patterns as shown.I liked your rangolis which are very simple and easy to learn for beginners. Thank you. Thank you Sweta. Recently, I have been creating rangoli designs both free hand and with dots that are simple and easy, I would like to share let me not use the word teach in Rangoli-sans-dots.

I liked all your rangolis. I dont know to draw parallel line rangolis. In spite of trying so many times i dont to draw parallel line rangolis of straight and curve type. Can you help me to draw parallel line rangoli using rangoli powder.

I am glad to have come across your beautiful and simple designs thanks a lot. I with you will continue with newer designs for the upcoming festivals. Thanks a lot, Sudha!!! Welcome Vaishali. Hope you have visited my YouTube Channel on rangoli too. Please do and leave your feed back. Very beautiful designs and nice explanations. Thank you Sudha jee! Thanks for wonderful designs. I am trying every single oneof them in my pooja room. First time visiting your site. Loved it.Simple Rangoli design with dots plays an important role in various Indian Rituals region to region.

People make rangoli in front of their houses to welcome prosperity, luck, and goddess Lakshmi in their house. However, there are 29 states in India and every state draw their own kind of rangoli with lime powder, rice and different vibrant colours on the floor.

These are a simple pattern with dots. Connecting these dots, one can make rangoli either simple or complicated one. This article is completely based on the rangoli design with dots so that you can have a glimpse of these simple yet beautiful designs. Here are the best rangoli designs with dots, try these attractive designs; it gives a peaceful atmosphere and bright look at your home. This type of rangoli design with dots are followed in festivals such as Pongal. The design is filled with beautiful colours which build up the whole design.

The rangoli also sports a beautiful four-sided pattern, which makes it look authentic. This rangoli design with dots is different from any design you have ever seen. It displays an octagon design which sports simple patterns inside the design with dots.

The dots are connected using a different colour, which makes this design so unique. This easy rangoli with dots design is a simple one compared to the previous ones. Here a circle is drawn in the middle and other intricate patterns are done surrounding the main circle.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful festival rangoli designs ever and is often been done on Bengali occasions. This beautiful new rangoli designs with dots are very beautiful. On the centre, a dot is done, and an intricate pattern is made by joining the four dots on the four corners. Many small dots are drawn throughout the design which is further joined. Many colours can be applied on the blank portions of this design. However, yellow, red and blue will be the best colour combination for this design.

This easy rangoli designs with dots for beginners design is often sighted during occasions such as Diwali. Like the previous one, this design is also done using the parallel dot pattern.

Here, white and pink ground rice are used to adorn the rangoli design. These are much easier designs and intended for beginners. Here are the rangoli designs with dots step-by-step easy and small types of rangoli designs for beginners.

Anyone can do easily with patience. Different colours can be used to make this design look more attractive. This small dot rangoli design is a masterpiece.

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It sports a unique dotted pattern, which is further joined together. Many ground rice colours can be applied to this design to make it look more attractive. It is one of the best rangoli designs ever. This is the most beautiful rangoli design with dots. Here, the picture is drawn roughly on a paper before its final application. The dots are drawn in a parallel pattern and filled with beautiful colours that beautify the whole design. This particular spiral-shaped rangoli design which is filled with beautiful floral patterns.

Dots are done in between and to the sides of the floral designs. In the center, there is another unique pattern, which seems to be controlling the whole design.Rangolis are a very common sight during the festive season. They play an integral part in Indian festive celebrations and their shape and colours vary from region to region.

simple rangoli designs without dots for beginners

In our previous post, we gave you some nice and colourful Rangoli patterns which are sure to fetch you a lot of compliments and I am sure you loved them. Rangolis are also beautiful when they are monochrome. We love how one can create innumerable monochrome designs of Rangoli using dots. So we bring you some Rangolis which are created by just connecting the dots. Some of these designs are easy and some are a little difficult to do, but can be done with a little patience and hard work nonetheless.

So if this is your first time, do not fret we have some simple designs for you too. You also have a choice to keep the designs monochrome or use colours over it. So just enjoy making Rangolis and let the compliments flow your way. Now this is a slightly tough one. There is a use of complex geometric patterns and shapes to make this Rangoli. One needs a lot of practice to get these results, so do try it and keep doing it till you get similar results.

This design shows overlapping motifs and can be done on any occasion. This one is shaped as an octagon and is different from the usual square or round shaped rangoli. Here dots have been used to connect and make this rangoli.

Simple 3 dots Rangoli - Easy Daily Kolams - Small Muggulu for Beginners - RangRangoli

We love the flower patterns and simple designs which make up for the whole Rangoli. This is also a complex rangoli, so those who are new to it might find it difficult to do. This one is simpler than the two we showed earlier. This is a simple rangoli design with dots based on floral motifs and is created using the dots, so it will be easy for those who are new to making Rangolis.

This design can be done on any occasion or festival as per your need. And the size can also be altered as per your desire. Now this one is slightly difficult design having floral, geometric patterns and motifs. These types of rangoli designs take a lot of skill and practice.

The main feature of this is the white patterns over the black background. The design is apt for any special celebration and will no doubt attract a lot of attention from your guests. This one is quite easy to do even for a beginner. In this Rangoli, we see dots being used to draw the motifs of peacocks and flowers.

simple rangoli designs without dots for beginners

The use of different coloured lines makes this stand out from the rest. Also the peacock motif is something which is unique. This particular one is a little tough but one may do it with a bit of practice and patience.

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The main theme here is leaves, flowers and other floral like patterns.Rangoli to the rest of the world may just be an art form, but to India, it is a symbol of culture and tradition. In India, rangoli is a staple art practised by great artists to household women to mark prosperity and wealth in their homes.

Whatever may be the occasion, no Indian house can do without a rangoli ranging from small to big, colourful to simple. Simple as well as easily made patterns are preferable for short type of space; small rangolis can adjust any corner of the vacant place in the home ground. Those peoples who are beginner and startup stage of rangoli design then they can try 5 dots rangoli anytime at their place in festivals like Diwali or gudipadva.

Mostly 5 dots rangoli use by Tamil peoples to celebrate their new year and festivals like Navratri, Dussera, or Diwali too. If anyone or beginner who takes more time to learn a rangoli then they can use a notebook to design a rangoli first using 5 dots, as per their creativity they can try their creative design.

Those peoples who like to become an expert in big rangoli or in kolam then they must try at least 5 dots rangoli first. This kolam with 5 dots rangoli is the best for a Diwali decoration. It can be easily made of chalk or rice powder paste. You can start by making the centre flower first and then go about drawing the sides. The 6 flower leaves on each side can make the rangoli complete. You can use a parallel curve type of thick lines using dark white powder.

Use your fingers only to give a proper shape of lines or curve. When we look after done then we will get heart type of shapes of flowers. It can also be made by putting in colours to make it vibrant and colourful. This five dots rangoli is an easy alternative for beginners in the art of rangoli. It can be made by starting with the corner and then joining the four dots in the quadrants in a fashion that makes the petals of a flower.

After having made the flower in the corner, you can do the same thing are all sides of the rangoli. Join the four flower and draw the line inside the flower. This rangoli can be made on any occasion and can be filled with any colour scheme suiting the requirement. After colouring, the rangoli can be outlined either by using a white or black rangoli powder to give it a finish.

This is one of the simplest rangoli in the category of 5 dots rangoli designs. It can be drawn by using freehand style technique. In the beginning, draw four dots, one under the other in a square shape. These dots can be used to make any design in the centre. Later, a circle around those four dots is to be drawn and on that circle four DIY as can be drawn.

These patterns can be filled with colours, preferably orange, yellow and red and outlined with a white border. It is one of the best rangoli for Diwali.


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