Rise of kingdoms best bundle

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Rise of kingdoms best bundle

This blog is the biggest fansite for Rise of Kingdoms Guides and Strategies. This is where you can find everything you must know about the game, from the most basic information to the most advanced strategies, every single detail.

What is Rise of Kingdoms? From March 5ththe name of the game Rise of Civilizations is official changed to Rise of Kingdoms! This stunning strategy video game features an endlessly open world, where you can build your own city, start conquering the world and writing your own history for the kingdom!

You must have a feel for megalomanic tyrants of the past. We would start from the beginning. After that, you will be offered a little piece of land for cultivating in one of your cities. All these buildings come with the option of upgrading, and such upgrades do take time, which means you have to queue them up in the hut of the builder. But thanks to the speed up cards, you can skip them.

And these speed up cards, you need to collect them by buying or playing with gems directly.

rise of kingdoms best bundle

You have the option of loading the game, upgrading multiple buildings, sending out a couple scouts, training some of your troops, and usually ramp up your small city as you wait for your bus to arrive. Did you decipher that far? Do that again. And one more time. The majority of it got covered inside the fog caused by the war, a small map at the top-right corner that indicates the amount of the world that is on the screen. You will find a total of 9 there, each of them being 9x larger compared to a completely zoomed-out screen filled with stuff.

Then, it happens to be a huge nasty world beyond the walls of your small city.

rise of kingdoms best bundle

Each time you employ a scout, you give birth to more of the gameplay. In terms of fighting, you have to keep up not the troops of your only, but, the RPG commanders as well.

All these come with their personal skill trees. Plus, you are able to have plenty of them at the same time, which command the troops at the various sections of your map. You do not need to fight the entire world on your own. If you are interested, you could help your other alliance teams by offering donations or troops. You could also seek help, for things like pacing up your research and leveling up the procedures.

You can also give funds to research projects of alliance level. Overall, there are so many things to do in this game that you may end up dizzying. From home chores to bloodbaths of war, skirmishes with close barbarians to diplomacy with alliances who are far away, from battling through military stages to applying buffs, all of that with the help of a few taps on your phone screen.

All these happen at a real-time, continuous open-world situation, alongside numerous notifications that inform you about what is going on while you are doing something else on your device. Gratefully, there happen to be missions, quests, and also regular objectives that help you barge forward. You have these available at a constant amount, with every one of them awarding you with logs, food, currency, and some other resources as well.

There are so many things stashed inside this game, as a matter of fact, it may turn into something fiddly sometimes. You have to utilize the zoom feature even within the city for avoiding pressing the wrong building mistakenly.

However, there is a small room allocated for the characters. But who is in need of it? It is a superb real-time strategic MMO taking place in a map which rolls out on hundreds of kilometers in the virtual world, of course. You can check this game out on the App Store or Google play right now. This fansite does not belong to Lilith Games. It is run by the community and for the community of the game to provide the best strategy guides.With Rise of Kingdoms offering plenty of in game bonuses that allow players to earn gems, speedups, and resources by completing certain goals.

This is done by purchasing the Rise of Kingdoms bundles, and gem packs. We know that some of you may think it strange to spend your hard earned money on a virtual game, in a virtual world. We have rated, and ranked several of the RoK value bundles, and gem packs. So sign up today! Below is our current ranking of the Rise of Kingdoms of offers, super-value bundles, and gem packs.

Dome roof house

Not all the RoK bundles, and packs are listed here. We keep some information and updates exclusively for our members and the FRL community. The top selection that we believe has the best value is the Growth Fund.

With the several beginner bonuses that each players receives VIP 5 is very simple to achieve. Once a player has purchase the Growth Fund, every time they reach one of the benchmark City Hall levels they are awarded the number of gems posted in the picture above. This is a great value for players who are willing to stick with the game. The Growth Fund also provides governors with a type of reward for growing. There is nothing better than receiving thousands of gems for simply continuing to grow your kingdom.

The answer is yes! Another great part about The Growth Fund is that even if you are a higher level of City Hall, if you purchase the pack then you will still receive all the previous gems from the City Halls before.

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Then you will unlock and be able to claim the gems from City Hall level 5, the 1, gems from level 8, and the 1, gems from the level 11, all will be unlocked the second you purchase the pack. Then you will continue to build to collect the rest of the packs. In Rise of Kingdoms the Supply Depot in another high value option for players. Although there are several options when you click on the Supply Depot, for both gems and resources.

Once a governor has purchased this pack they are instantly given gems. Then everyday following, for 30 straight days, gems is given every time the game clock reaches UTC.

Our team highly suggests The Gem Supply Depot to all governors. We constantly renew this pack every time it expires due to the unrivaled value that you receive. These are the combo packs that are offered to players that include more than just gems. In each pack there is a variety of speed-ups, resources, VIP points, chests, and other valuable items.

Each bundle option usually has items within it that are directed toward helping a player accomplish some task within the game.Alliances can give your civilization a strategic advantage. Free to Play F2P Guide self. I often hear the phrase that Rise of Kingdoms ROK is a pay-to-win game and that free-to-play players have no shot in being competitive. While the previous phrase holds some truth when it comes to capturing certain objectives, it doesn't portray the whole story.

In short, a free-to-play can still have fun and be competitive in this game. In my opinion this game offers great ways that makes this a reality that other similar games do not. With that being said, I have created my own Free to Play F2P guide; this guide aims not only to help Free to Play players, but also new and experienced players that are thinking of creating a new account.

The most important tip that I can give people is to use the jumping method when creating a new account. This tip becomes even more crucial when it comes to being a F2P user, as jumping will ensure you start with an advantage. Obviously, I am giving a quick overview of this method as this guide is about F2P users instead.

When choosing your starting civilization, you should not be looking at the buffs or troops that a particular civilization gives, rather you should be looking for the best starting commander as ROK gives a lot of free commander specific sculptures through quests and events.

In my opinion these two commanders are the best starting epic commanders for F2P users as Scipio is great for mixed army compositions and being a tank in open field and Boudica is great for nuking and killing barbarians.

After choosing one of these civilizations for their starting commanders, you should look to change your civilization to Japan once you reach CH10 because they offer great buffs that increase the attack of all troops, scouting speed, and resource collection.

With gems being very limited when it comes to F2P players, this section will focus on how to efficiently use your gems to make the most of them! After this, you should take advantage of the items in the VIP shop that level 6 unlocks, especially the AP potions and speedups. After this you should use resources and gems to buy items in the merchant shop every time it appears.

A key aspect of speeding up technology and building upgrades is to leverage the alliance help system in the game. You should NOT be using speeds until you received the maximum amount of help from your alliance you can check this by going to the help tab under the alliance page.

Another great way to take advantage of your speed ups is to use speeds up that are specific for that type first, then use the general speed ups. In addition to these tips, you should be upgrading a building, training troops, gathering resources and researching technology at all times especially when going to bed. This next section will be very similar to the previous section, but this section will be relevant when not using speed ups. You should only upgrade what is needed to get the next CH, meaning you should rush your main buildings like the tavern, mine, wall, etc while neglecting other buildings such as resource production centers, the castle, watch tower, etc.

The reason for rushing to the next CH as fast as possible is to get better technology unlocked, more specifically higher tier troops! One of the reasons I made a new account after playing ROK for a couple weeks is because I ruined my legendary and epic commanders.

In order to avoid these critical mistakes, I thought it would be great to add this section in this guide.

Equipment Guide

DO NOT add stars to a commander until their first skill is maxed, this is important as the first skill for every commander in the game except for gathers is always the best. Please note that you should not double up on commander talent trees, only the primary commander talents are activated, plus by having commander specialize in different things you will be more versatile and ready for more situations.

A huge disadvantage of being a F2P player is that resources will be scarce. To combat this issue, I would strongly suggest leveling up your gathering commanders as fast as possible, after your primary commanders.

The soft limit for gathering commanders is 27, this will ensure you get the talent that gives you addition resources percentage and to complete the gathering tree you must reach level 37! Besides that, you should continuously exchange resources for resource buffs at the merchant shop and take advantage of runes located at holy sites that speed up gathering. As mentioned before, you should only focus on one legendary commander as sculptures are hard to get, the same goes for Epic commanders in some capacity.

Mingyue liu (mingyue)

This means that you should limit the number of Epic commanders you plan on using. Below I have listed 5 Epic commanders that you should consider using and why:.Rise of kingdoms is free to the play game and because of that, you have in-game bundles so you can support developers. A lot of people are against bundles in Rise Of Kingdoms because they can give a big advantage to players.

But people who are spending big money and buying bundles can not play alone and win kvk without the small player and free to play players. Rise of kingdoms is about strategy and its team game, not a solo game. But we would love to see Rise Of Kingdoms to give something to free to play players t boost their process in growing and getting Tier 5 units.

In this guide you will find all bundles in the game and what they can give you. Some bundles are not worth to buy it and some bundles you must buy because they will give you so much. If you are a small spender and you are looking to spend on bundles in Rise Of Kingdoms you want to invest your money in good bundles. So we calculated what every bundle gives you and is it worth it to buy it. This is Rise Of Kingdoms bundles that will give you the most value for money.

Growth found by far best bundle that you can buy in Rise of Kingdoms. You can Growth Found only one time. Growth found will give you 81, gems and you can spend that gems on VIP or something else. Other bundles in Rise of kingdoms will not give you that amount of gems. So my advice is to buy it as soon as you can. If your city hall is level 24 or 25 you will be also able to claim all gems in growth found. See our guide when is the best time to spend gems and where to spend gems in Rise Of Kingdoms.

If you buy Supply Depot you will receive gems every day for 30 days. So save them and use them when you have to. After Growth found, supply depot is the best bundle i rise of kingdoms.

$3,000 in 4 Days 16.5M Power - I Give Up - [ Power Up ] GEM SPENDING Saints Halo - Rise of Kingdoms

Daily Special Offer is the best way to get max legendary commanders. This will bring you commanders like Charsl martel and Cao Cao to the max level.

Super-Value Bundles (Complete List & Rewards)

Kings Coronation Bundle is a great bundle when you bought a supply depot because it will give you all you need to grow. Gems, VIP and most important universal sped ups. Universals speed ups you can use on anything so its worth it. If you are planning to migrate this bundle is best to bring you some extra passports.In this article, we are going to show you the best deals you could purchase in Rise of Kingdoms in the early game as well as in the late game. These deals offer the best value for the price, helping you power your city a lot faster and easier.

This is definitely the best offer that you want to purchase first in Rise of Kingdoms.

rise of kingdoms best bundle

And you can only purchase it once. To purchase this package, you must be VIP level 5 or above. Getting to VIP 5 is very easy as long as you follow the tutorial quests during the early game.

Best Bundles/Packages to Purchase

Side note, spend all of the Gems you have to get to VIP 9 as fast as possible. In case you are wondering whether you can receive all of the rewards If you purchase this offer late and your City Hall level is already pretty high, the answer is yes.

Regardless of your city hall levels, you still receive full rewards. The Supply Depot gives you loads of valuable offers comparing to their prices. This is definitely the second-best offer you want to purchase in Rise of Kingdoms. All of the offers here in this section are worth purchasing. However, the Day Gem Supply is by far the best one.

Purchasing the Day Gem Supply, you will receive 2, Gems immediately and receive Gems every day, for 30 days. Comparing to its price, Day Gem Supply is definitely a crazy deal that you do not want to miss.

In addition, you can purchase this package many times, not like the Growth Fund. After a month, you can purchase it again. The super-value bundles do not contain only Gems but also a lot of speed-ups, VIP Points and resources. After purchasing the Growth Fund and Supply Depot, if you want to spend some more money into the game, this is definitely the next best place for you.

The more you purchase, the more value you get for the price. Most of the time, it is recommended to save your money until you can purchase all tiers of this bundle at once. Most new players like spending money on daily special offers because their prices are cheaper compared to the others. The most interesting part here is you will be able to get Legendary commanders from the special offer chests.

More details regarding this can be read at 10 RoK Mechanics.The best amount of stat boost with the least amount of time required best to avoid helmet. Also, the Windswept set that comes from Shadow Legion event with a bad drop rate and is best to avoid if the game does not increase the drop soon. Helm of the Phoenix can be obtained by wiping out all the Guardians in Zone 1 with 5 marches.

Do it once a day for a few days and you will have enough. Also, the Windswept set is from the Shadow Legion event with a bad drop rate is best to avoid if the game does not increase drop soon. Archer equipment is best for whales as the best stuff is behind a huge paywall. Pick up the prints which drop as a rune. Be sure to reboot the game as sometimes it stays invisible.

It takes only days to make the green set of equipment. Always keep the forge running similar to troops training.

Buy them if you have a max castle and decent commander. A decent way to gather the material you prefer. Option is an extremely slow process and is somewhat like maxing a Legendary Commander out of Golden Keys.

rise of kingdoms best bundle

Equipments are basically stat boosts, similar to how talent tree or academy research works. Once you finish the first quest, you should have enough material and blueprint to craft your very first item. This will help you gain more blueprints for you to craft. Each item has its own equipment level, which is the required level of the commander in order to wear it. Each equipment consists of different attributes so you will have to pick the best attributes to have for your commanders.

You basically make a Normal tier equipment and dismantle it to get the material back. This way you can easily advance the quest which gives you tons of materials with each completion. You just fly through each quest and unlock all the higher tier blueprint. Note: This method is quite risky as there is no way of getting used blueprints back. Gray prints mostly while others have next to none drop rate from Lohar.

You make one equipment at a time with the materials you produce per day. When crafting material, there will be a chance that you can enhance the equipment even further Randomly triggers. What this does is that if a commander with that said talent wears that item, the item will be enhanced evermore.

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So be sure to pick the right one for the right commander. You can click on the talents and check if you like it. If not, simply press the back button to check the other talent.Choose from one of 11 historical kingdoms and guide your civilization from a lone clan into a great power.

Battles happen in real time on a huge, detailed map featuring natural obstructions such as rivers, mountain ranges, and strategic passes. Use the cover of night to launch a surprise attack with your alliance and strike fear into your enemies. The world of Rise of Kingdoms is covered in thick fog.

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Dispatch scouts to explore this mysterious land and uncover the hidden treasures within. Call upon dozens of historical figures who will serve as your trustworthy commanders, from Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige.

Rise of Kingdoms is incredibly dynamic in its gameplay. You can station your troops anywhere, force yourself into battles that are already going on, run away from battles that are causing you pain, and dispatch multiple commanders at once. Rise of Kingdoms is a staggeringly huge mobile game.

You can play in a way that suits your style, whether that be reckless military adventurism and dreams of global dominance, or quiet and unobtrusive statecraft and dreams of a happy populace. Eight different kingdoms, a huge zoomable world map, camping your troops anywhere on the map, Rise of Kingdoms is a surprisingly huge strategy MMO for mobile.

The fights in Rise of Kingdoms are dynamic. If a skirmish isn't going your way you can always withdraw, and you can join a battle that's already happening if you want to help out an ally. When the team behind "Rise of Kingdoms" discusses their creation, the word they use most often is "simple".

After each update, ROK's producer has his year-old mother try out the new version. She always comes up with a few surprising questions. The team is confident that if they can make the game understandable for even the producer's mother, new players won't have any trouble working through the tutorial.

Unrestricted troop movement and simultaneous actions are two of the team's innovations. In most mobile strategy games, troops are restricted to a set course. There aren't any actual battles taking place, so naturally it's impossible for armies to interact.

But this is inconsistent with real life experience. This intuitive feature was inspired by diving drone shots and Apple's famous pinch-to-zoom. With just two fingers players can switch freely between the close-up city view, the mid-level region view, and the panoramic world view.

Every frame in the zoom effect was checked to make the transition more realistic. When progressing from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age, the celebration screen displays artifacts from Sanxingdui, a major Bronze Age archaeological site located near Chengdu.

The in-game designs are based on sketches artists made when they took a break from work to visit Chengdu Museum. TouchTapPlay Rise of Kingdoms is incredibly dynamic in its gameplay. AppAdvice Rise of Kingdoms is a staggeringly huge mobile game.

Gamezebo Eight different kingdoms, a huge zoomable world map, camping your troops anywhere on the map, Rise of Kingdoms is a surprisingly huge strategy MMO for mobile. Droid Gamers The fights in Rise of Kingdoms are dynamic. That way, everyone can experience that same joy I get from playing strategy games. Who knows? People might be curious about these artifacts!


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